Francesco Mattina

Francesco Mattina Checklist for Marvel Comics

This is the third and final list for Mattina cover art, here is the Mattina DC list and the Mattina Alternate Publisher List. Between these three posts, this list is by far the most comprehensive list of Mattina’s cover art anywhere. There are 143 covers for Marvel alone! Hopefully, this will help all of you […]

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Francesco Mattina Checklist for Alternate Publishers

When you start searching through these issues and titles you’ll discover some rarely seen Mattina covers.  Except for Spawn, everyone knows Spawn from his high profile start in the early ’90s.  It’s important to give some insight into how this is organized.  First, the four publishers are in alphabetical order and then the titles are in alphabetical […]

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Francesco Mattina Checklist for DC Comic

Francesco Mattina has a certain flair about his art.  Most of it is dark shadowy work that has you straining to see more details.  But he frequently adds these spectacular wisps of orange, lime green or red.  The Batman Who Laughs cover is a good example.  The cover is composed of very dark tones of black […]

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