Image Comics

Are 90s Speculators and Today’s Comic Speculators the Same?

There is a lot of talk going around about the speculation market.  As with any topic people care about there is a myriad of opinions.  From the negative perspective, some view the comic book speculators as someone defiling the hobby.  They don’t like that speculators strive to make money from comics and drive up the […]

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Key Comics

What Drives the Value of Comic Books?

Your first response to this question might be upcoming movies drive the value of comics.  You would be partially correct with that answer.  That seems to be increasingly the case.  A collector more interested in obscure books might say rarity.  We’ve all seen marketing like “limited to 100 issues” or “1 of 250 produced”.  Some […]

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Francesco Mattina Checklist for Alternate Publishers

When you start searching through these issues and titles you’ll discover some rarely seen Mattina covers.  Except for Spawn, everyone knows Spawn from his high profile start in the early ’90s.  It’s important to give some insight into how this is organized.  First, the four publishers are in alphabetical order and then the titles are in alphabetical […]

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