Great Venom Cover

Why is Venom so Popular?

With the comic book revival of the 90s, few characters are in the same league as Venom.  To quote one of the smoothest poets of the 1990s, “U can’t touch this.”  Those late 80s and early 90s kids who came into comic shops and first saw Venom were like “Booyah”.  If you tried to tell […]

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Back to the Future – 90’s edition

In 1985 when Back to the Future came out, everyone wanted to be Michael J. Fox.  He had an orange vest, an easygoing personality, a beautiful girlfriend (not his Mom), and a wicked sweet ride.  Even now, who doesn’t want a stainless-steel, DeLorean, to drive around town?  Flip those gull-wing doors up and show off […]

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