Comic Book Collection

Spectacular and Web of Spiderman Covers

The Other Spider-man Titles – Key Issues

In the comic book community, there are certain titles that rank higher than others.  Maybe they rank higher because of popularity or tradition or more key issues or the creative teams.  With Spider-man books, Amazing Spider-man has always been the top web-slinging title.  Amazing Spider-man (vol. 1) was the first, the longest-running and has the […]

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Marvel Frame variants

Marvel Anniversary Border Checklist

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about DC’s variant theme covers.  However, theme covers aren’t unique to DC, in fact, Marvel did it first.  In a different sort of way but they were the first to think of it.  Back in November 1986, Marvel released 29 covers with the same superhero border […]

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Comic Book Collecting Goals

How many of you have walked into a comic book shop, searched eBay or Comics Price Guide, and bought a comic that you didn’t know you wanted?  You were visually drawn to a book or the story sounded interesting or the cover was amazing and you bought it.  I’m sure we’ve all done that at […]

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