Blue and White Galactus VariantsSome Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 1 issues have a blue and white Galactus on the middle two pages.  All of the other pages have Galactus and the other characters in full color.  So the question about this variant being rare is still being decided but there are clues out there.

If this book is rare, it should sell for more than the regular edition.  There are price outliers but on average the blue Galactus variant sells for the same or less than the regular version.  Based on the sales data that we are looking at, it’s not scarce or rare.  It’s less common than the regular version but some sellers don’t know what to look for and aren’t stating it in their auctions.  We recently bought a collection with 7 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 and all 7 were the Blue Galactus version.  This person did buy all his comics from the same place in Wisconsin but that doesn’t seem to be rare.

Graded versions of the Galactus variant are challenging to find because CGC doesn’t note it on the label.  Recently CBCS has started noting “Blue Galactus Variant” on their label which is helpful.  So out of the thousands of graded copies only a tiny fraction are labeled even though some are that variant.  With the values being virtually the same for a blue Galactus and a regularly colored Galactus, collectors aren’t likely to crack open a case to find out.  That could drive the price up for issues that are graded and accurately labeled.

It’s not especially fun to find out that a book you thought was rare, isn’t.  Regardless of the rarity, it’s still a fun book to show casual collectors and a great story arc to read.


Ron Cloer