Masters of the Universe Key Comic Book Issues

As we dive into the deep end of our love for the 1980s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe becomes even more popular.  Last week Mattel released pictures of four new 7-inch tall figures that will be released on June 15th.  Netflix is releasing the new animated series called Masters of the Universe: Revelation […]

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Batman Comics in the 80’s That You Should Buy Now

If you haven’t looked at the first part, Key Batman Comics from the 1980’s, please do so before reading this post.  Let’s look at the data and decide which Batman comics are undervalued.    Best Deals in no specific order Detective Comics 576, 577, 578 – If Todd McFarlane’s Batman 423 is worth $130 in […]

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Key Batman Comics from the 1980’s

This post is solely factual for reference.  There is still confusion in the marketplace about first appearances and cameos of certain characters.  This has been researched, books were opened and appearances verified.  Part two uses this data and pricing information that will help you think differently than the masses who follow the latest “hot” book.  […]

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