We have the most complete list of Pablo “Lobos” Villalobos comic book covers on the internet!

As of December 2023, Pablo has created 93 issues in 48 titles from 12 different publishers.  Some of these issues on eBay are more difficult to find than an honest politician and can only be found on the publisher or store website.  With some of these small publishers and the limited print runs there is real potential for increased values in the future.  Consider Gnorts Illustrated Swimsuit 1 RI and you can see what happens to the price when people discover his covers.  Some of the value is from the drop-dead gorgeous Wonder Woman on a tropical beach absorbing the sunshine.

Honestly, there are so many great covers from Lobos already.  His seven covers for the 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month are stunning.

Batman 137E – Bane in all his muscular glory
Blue Beetle 1D – Jaime leaping toward you
Detective Comics 1074D – I don’t fully understand the face but everything else is great
Green Lantern 3D – Personality is spilling out of this cover
Green Lantern War Journal 1D – Beautiful and powerful
Hawkgirl 3C – Stunning, gorgeous Hawkgirl cover.  I will be buying this comic!
Justice Society of America 6D – Fun, playful cover
Shazam 3D – Superhero posing

8 Venomized Covers (plus the virgin variants of each) are released through the Syndicate and KRS Comics.  Each one with a different take on Venom or the Symbiote.

Amazing Spider-man 21-SynAmazing Spider-man 27 Lobos
Amazing Spider-man 21-Syn-B
Amazing Spider-man 26-Syn
Amazing Spider-man 26-Syn-B
Amazing Spider-man 27-KRS
Amazing Spider-man 27-KRS-B
Amazing Spider-man 27-KRS-C
Amazing Spider-man 29-Syn
Amazing Spider-man 29-Syn-B
Amazing Spider-man 32-Syn
Amazing Spider-man 32-Syn-B
Amazing Spider-man 34-Syn
Amazing Spider-man 34-Syn-B
Sensational She-Hulk 1-Syn
Sensational She-Hulk 1-Syn-B
Venom 27-Syn
Venom 27-Syn-B  

Pablo is obviously a master artist in human anatomy but I’d like to see him add other elements to his art.  If you take a look at Dark X-men 2 with all the creepy, toothy demons (picture to the right) you’ll understand.  Madelyne Pryor is no less beautiful with these goblins screeching behind her.  They create interest beyond the female form.  You can see the same type of interesting background with Mary Jane & Black Cat 1 with a busy New York street.  The addition of these kinds of extra elements could catapult Lobos to the top tier of comic book artists.  He’s close already. 

People can sometimes mistake his work with Adam Hughes but the more you look at Lobo’s art the more differences you see.      

Upcoming issues include
Book of Butcher 1
Power Girl Uncovered 1
Dr. Strange 10 variant
Birds of Prey 6 variant
Superman 11 variant
Batman/Santa Claus Silent Night Variant
11 Taylor Swift Variants

If you love Pablo Villalobos’s artwork I suggest that you get started now buying up back issues, because this guy has enormous potential.  His first cover is Severed Souls 10B.  I confirmed that with the publisher and with Pablo Villalobos. 

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by Ron Cloer