Do you remember when Jim Shooter demanded continuity in the Marvel Universe and Wolverine could only be in one place at a time?  That’s the kind of thing that Peter Shiao with Immortal Studios is working toward.  The four books that Immortal Studios is publishing now are all connected but with a different emphasis. 

The Adept #2

Recently I spoke with Payhuan “Peter” Shiao the founder and CEO of Immortal Studios.  Peter’s father is legendary writer, Shiao Yi who was one of the most prolific Chinese authors ever.  Now that library of original stories is being made into a cohesive comic book universe.  
The four comics or four pillars as they refer to them are the Adept, Assassin G, Chronicles of the Immortal Swordmen, and Fa Sheng.  Assassin G and Chronicles were adapted from wildly popular books, while The Adept and Fa Sheng are from the creative mind of Peter Shiao.  It’s not just a bunch of random Kung-Fu fight scenes, they are well-thought-out stories with authenticity and creativity mixed like a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.
In China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan movies and television shows have been made with these stories and these characters.  Could a US movie or show be in the works?  They have assembled a cast of talent here in the US to make sure that it’s successful like Bob Harras, former Editor-in-chief for Marvel and DC, Derrick Chew, Gene Ha, Jim Cheung, Gian Galang, and Joyce Chin.
I’ve read through Assassin G #1 and The Adept #1 so far and they are fantastic.  If you are tired of too many poorly written comics this is a great alternative.  Give it a try and support their Kickstarter campaign.  
This isn’t a paid endorsement, I just love good storytelling.
by Ron Cloer