Uncanny X-men 260

What are the top 10 Dazzler Covers of all time?

From her first appearance in X-Men 130, Dazzler was flamboyant, dramatic, and the center of attention.  That makes sense when you can turn sound into light as a mutant power.  Since Alison (one “L” not two) Blaire is a natural performer with a voice and stage performance deserving of a superstar, it’s little wonder why the Taylor Swift rumors continue.  Let’s look at her top 10 comic book covers and try not to be a stalker like the creepy guy on Uncanny X-Men 260. (Pictured on the right)

In no particular order here are the top 10 Dazzler covers

X-men 130 – During the creative reign of Chris Claremont several new characters were introduced into the Marvel universe, in February 1980 it was Allison Blair, Dazzler.  John Romita Jr. created this blinding light show entrance for Dazzler.

AXE Judgement Day 6D – Artgerm is a master artist and this is further proof.  This book was published in 12/2022

Uncanny X-men 217 – This fantastic cover was drawn by Walt Simonson, who can draw more than just Thor comics.  In this unusual fight between the unstoppable Juggernaut and the tricky Dazzler, Simonson creates a great action cover.  Published in 1987

Dazzler: X-song 1 – From her first series Bill Sienkiewicz has created some unique art for Dazzler.  This book was published in 2018.

Marvel Tales 232 – Todd McFarlane drew two Marvel Tales issues with Dazzler, the other one is issue 230.  It was published in December 1989 as he drew some of his last Amazing Spider-man issues.

Dazzler 1 – Featuring a painted cover by Bob Larkin this 1980’s Charlie’s Angels-like cover is epic.  You have disco lights, superheroes, and a gorgeous woman on roller skates.  

Amazing Spider-man 203 – There is a funky psychedelic feel to this Jim Mooney cover and it works.  This comic was published in Dazzler’s first year, 1980.

Dazzler 33 Thriller Cover

Marvel Team-Up 109 – Herb Trimpe made Dazzler the focal point of this comic book cover which uses perspective lines beautifully.  This cover from 1981 does a nice job of displaying her power.

Astonishing X-men 13B – This disco ball, sparkly, roller skate-wearing Dazzler party was created by Mike Deodato Jr.  Because of the adoring audience this one has the best Taylor Swift vibe.  Published in 2018.

Dazzler 33 – Bill Sienkiewicz had a great run in the first Dazzler series from 27 to 35 but this one is special.  Dazzler playing Michael Jackson in his Thriller video.  Published in 1984.


Do you agree with my top 10 list?  Sound off in the comments with your favorites.
Ron Cloer