Comic Book Values

Masters of the Universe Key Comic Book Issues

As we dive into the deep end of our love for the 1980s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe becomes even more popular.  Last week Mattel released pictures of four new 7-inch tall figures that will be released on June 15th.  Netflix is releasing the new animated series called Masters of the Universe: Revelation […]

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Barcode Comics

Comic Book UPC Code History and Price Implications

It’s interesting that for years UPC codes or barcodes were overlooked features on a comic.  Literally, no one cared about them or talked about them.  These days, the UPC code could be the most important element of a book.  A UPC code on the right book could mean twice the value while on other books, […]

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Are 90s Speculators and Today’s Comic Speculators the Same?

There is a lot of talk going around about the speculation market.  As with any topic people care about there is a myriad of opinions.  From the negative perspective, some view the comic book speculators as someone defiling the hobby.  They don’t like that speculators strive to make money from comics and drive up the […]

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Spectacular and Web of Spiderman Covers

The Other Spider-man Titles – Key Issues

In the comic book community, there are certain titles that rank higher than others.  Maybe they rank higher because of popularity or tradition or more key issues or the creative teams.  With Spider-man books, Amazing Spider-man has always been the top web-slinging title.  Amazing Spider-man (vol. 1) was the first, the longest-running and has the […]

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Key Comics

What Drives the Value of Comic Books?

Your first response to this question might be upcoming movies drive the value of comics.  You would be partially correct with that answer.  That seems to be increasingly the case.  A collector more interested in obscure books might say rarity.  We’ve all seen marketing like “limited to 100 issues” or “1 of 250 produced”.  Some […]

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