As we dive into the deep end of our love for the 1980s, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe becomes even more popular.  Last week Mattel released pictures of four new 7-inch tall figures that will be released on June 15th.  Netflix is releasing the new animated series called Masters of the Universe: Revelation on July 23.  The voice acting cast reads like a list everyone loves including Mark Hamill, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Conroy, Phil LaMarr and so many more.  With all this hype around Eternia and the iconic characters let’s look at the comic book appearances.

The first appearance of the Masters of the Universe is found in DC Comic Presents 47 released on 7/82.  That book has seen some meteoric jumps in value.  In 2010, DC Comics Presents 47 was valued at $20, 2 weeks ago it was at $280.  Now it’s valued at $350.  Based on how this market reacts to hot issues I don’t think it’s finished its upward climb yet, since there are big releases approaching.  There could also be a meteoric drop, so proceed with caution, my friends.

The second appearance has a bit more controversy around it since DC released a 16-page preview the month before Masters of the Universe 1 was shipped.  That preview could be found in 11 of the 20 books DC shipped in November 1982.  Here is a list of the issues that included the preview.

Action Comics 537
All-Star Squadron 15
Batman 353
Captain Carrot 9
Daring New Adventures of Supergirl 1
DC Comic Presents 51
Detective 520
Fury of Firestorm 6
Justice League of America 208
Legion of Superheroes 293
Superman 377
Warlord 63

The third appearance is Masters of the Universe 1 mini-series from December 1982.  CGC has a strange note attached to their graded copies, “1st Full Comic devoted to Masters of the Universe”.  Not sure if that means the first Masters of the Universe solo title or the first time they believe a full story was devoted to Masters of the Universe.  Anyway, it’s the third appearance.  This book has blown up as well.

The Marvel/Star Comics Masters of the Universe 1 is much higher than the preview issues or the first Masters of the Universe #1 by DC, which was 4 years earlier.  In defense of that value difference, Star Comics have been highly sought after lately because of low production numbers.

Some of the later Star Comics issues have seen tremendous price increases, especially in graded 9.8.  It’s difficult to discern if this is manipulation by sellers saying they are rare or if they are truly rare in high grade.  Here is some data that might help

We can see how many issues are owned on the site.  This can help us figure out what is rare and what isn’t.  If we treat all the issues as a percent we see the normal drop from the first issue
Issue #1 is 100%
Issue #2 is 59%
Issue #3 is 43%
Issue #4 is 36%
Issue #5 is 22%
Issue #6 is 16%  Issues 7-13 are similar.  Issue 9 is the lowest at 12% and it’s also the most expensive issue in 9.8.  Based on how close issues 6 through 13 are, the prices should be closer together than the market is reflecting.

The best deals are the 11 preview issues but because there are so many of them, value increases are more difficult.  DC’s Masters of the Universe 1 has virtually the same number of issues owned on Comics Price Guide as the Star Comics 1.  It’s earlier and cheaper so that would be my best suggestion for speculation.

Deals are out there my friends,

4 Replies to “Masters of the Universe Key Comic Book Issues”

  1. There’s a reasonable chance I have all of those preview comics! I hope they explode upwards, lol!

    That Captain Carrot should be pretty low numbers, too!

    1. Totally agree, Captain Carrot should be a low production number. The preview books don’t have the spark that some of the other Masters of the Universe books have but I hope they go up in value for you.

  2. I have these comics. Are they worth anything?

    Masters of the Universe (Image Comics), Vol. 1 1C The Shard Of Darkness, Part 1 Image Comics Nov 2002
    Masters of the Universe (Image Comics), Vol. 2 4A Image Comics 2003

    1. If you join the site as a free member or a paid member you can see all the values. I definitely think they are worth owning.

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