DC Comics

DC Movie Cover Variants Checklist

Currently, DC and other publishers use variants for landmark issues, 1st appearances and the #1 issues in a title.  There might be 100 different variants for Action Comics #1000 but it wasn’t always like that.  From March 2014 to May 2015 DC was testing theme variants that covered several titles.  So the variants weren’t all […]

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Francesco Mattina Checklist for DC Comic

Francesco Mattina has a certain flair about his art.  Most of it is dark shadowy work that has you straining to see more details.  But he frequently adds these spectacular wisps of orange, lime green or red.  The Batman Who Laughs cover is a good example.  The cover is composed of very dark tones of black […]

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Batman Reading Order

If you are new to comics or new to Batman comics, there are thousands of stories about the Dark Knight.  Detective Comics, which is where Batman got his start, just hit #1000!  Batman Comics vol. 1 reached #713 before DC restarted it.  Batman Comics volume 2 added 52 issues to the catalog and now volume […]

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