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DC Bombshell Covers

As I discussed in a recent Movie Variant blog post, DC was testing theme-based variant cover from March 2014 through April 2016.  Arguably the most successful thematic variant was the bombshell variants, that were originally released in August 2014.   Ant Lucia was the cover artist on all issues except for the Batman variant, featuring Joker’s daughter.  Was Joker’s daughter that important to the overall series that you needed another artist for it?  Anyway, the bombshell series was so popular that it spawned a line of statues, toys, blankets, Funko Pops, shirts, and other wonderful things.  In October 2015 they release an ongoing series entitled DC Comics Bombshells that lasted for 33 issues.  The series had covers that were more action-oriented instead of posed like the original variants.

Referring to a woman as a bombshell started in the 1930s and was wildly popular during World War II.  For this new rendering of a bombshell, DC revamped each person’s costume with modern elements and a friendly nod to the 1940s.

Below is the complete checklist linked to Comics Price Guide so that you can see the creative team, the cover scans, and if any member is selling the book.

Action Comics #32 – Supergirl Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Aquaman #32 – Mera Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Batgirl #32 – Batgirl Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Batman #32 – Joker’s Daughter Cover Art by Jim Fletcher
Batman & Robin #32 – Talia Al Ghul Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Batman Superman #12 – Batgirl and Supergirl Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Batwoman #32 – Batwoman Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Catwoman #32 – Catwoman Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Detective Comics #32 – Poison Ivy Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Flash #32 – Jesse Quick Art by Ant Lucia
Green Lantern #32 – Carol Ferris Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Green Lantern Corps #32 – Arisia Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Harley Quinn #7 – Harley Quinn Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Earth 2 #24 – Hawkgirl Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Justice League #32 – Platinum Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Justice League Dark #32 – Zatanna Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Justice League United #2 – Stargirl Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Red Hood and the Outlaws #32 – Starfire Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Superman #32 – Lois Lane Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Superman/Wonder Woman #9 – Supergirl and Wonder Woman Cover Art by Ant Lucia
Wonder Woman #32 – Wonder Woman Cover Art by Ant Lucia

Ant Lucia captures a time period with these covers.  From Wonder Woman’s high waisted shorts to Harley riding a bomb to the drive-in version of Jesse Quick they all speak to an era long ago.  Collectors responded to these issues and they grew into other products but somewhat surprisingly they did not go up in value.  The comic book market is tough to figure out sometimes.

One year later in August 2015, DC released a second version of the Bombshells with male and female characters featured. 

By Ron Cloer


2 thoughts on “DC Comics Bombshell Variant Checklist

  1. 1) You could take this list and attach it to the “Story Arcs” feature, maybe renaming the site feature to reflect a connection but not solely story arcs. Same for the movie-themed covers.
    2) I suppose I’m glad they’re not appreciating much in value. I’m more than a little dismayed at the lip service paid to attracting female readers, by the publishers, then followed by a series of covers that recount “Vargas girls”. As the characters move to TV and movies with greater and greater frequency, it’s not useful to push away half the viewers.

    1. Rob,
      The next version of the Bombshell Variant covers did include men so DC did recognize the female readers. Personally, I didn’t think any of these covers was too risky, I’ve seen much worse. There are publishers who only sell sex, DC, Marvel and Image don’t. If you’ve gone to a comic book convention in the last 5 years you’ve seen a woman dressed like one of these Bombshells. I hear you though.

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