Year: 2020

Barcode Comics

Comic Book UPC Code History and Price Implications

It’s interesting that for years UPC codes or barcodes were overlooked features on a comic.  Literally, no one cared about them or talked about them.  These days, the UPC code could be the most important element of a book.  A UPC code on the right book could mean twice the value while on other books, […]

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Are 90s Speculators and Today’s Comic Speculators the Same?

There is a lot of talk going around about the speculation market.  As with any topic people care about there is a myriad of opinions.  From the negative perspective, some view the comic book speculators as someone defiling the hobby.  They don’t like that speculators strive to make money from comics and drive up the […]

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Spectacular and Web of Spiderman Covers

The Other Spider-man Titles – Key Issues

In the comic book community, there are certain titles that rank higher than others.  Maybe they rank higher because of popularity or tradition or more key issues or the creative teams.  With Spider-man books, Amazing Spider-man has always been the top web-slinging title.  Amazing Spider-man (vol. 1) was the first, the longest-running and has the […]

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Great Venom Cover

Why is Venom so Popular?

With the comic book revival of the 90s, few characters are in the same league as Venom.  To quote one of the smoothest poets of the 1990s, “U can’t touch this.”  Those late 80s and early 90s kids who came into comic shops and first saw Venom were like “Booyah”.  If you tried to tell […]

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Harley Quinn Appearances

Harley Quinn Appearances

There is a lot of confusion about the first appearances of Harley Quinn.  Most of the time, first appearance problems center around references or cameos of a character.  The most contentious example being Wolverine’s first appearance in Hulk 180 versus issue 181.  But with Dr. Harleen Quinzel people discuss continuity and out of continuity because […]

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Kael Ngu Covers

Interview with Emerging New Artist, Kael Ngu

Have you heard of Kael Ngu yet?  I’m relatively sure that you’ve seen his work and not recognized it.  He is fairly new to the field but rapidly gaining a following.  His recent Dark Nights Death Metal #1 featuring a ridiculously gorgeous Wonder Woman has been getting tons of attention.  It’s amazing.  On the other […]

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Hot Batman Comics

Top Batman and Detective Comic Searches

We have been playing with all sorts of search data lately to see what interesting things we can share with the community.  The following list is the top Batman and Detective searches for the first 5 months of 2020.  Some things to consider before checking out this list.  Things that are newer are more likely […]

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Key Comics

What Drives the Value of Comic Books?

Your first response to this question might be upcoming movies drive the value of comics.  You would be partially correct with that answer.  That seems to be increasingly the case.  A collector more interested in obscure books might say rarity.  We’ve all seen marketing like “limited to 100 issues” or “1 of 250 produced”.  Some […]

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Miles Morales Covers

The Rise of Miles Morales

Currently, there is no comic book character hotter than Miles Morales.  (Sorry, Punchline)  To truly understand Miles Morales you need to start in the late ’90s.  During that time Marvel was dying, the Wizard Magazine artificial value bubble had burst.  Marvel filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and their stories were bankrupt as well.  In that struggling […]

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Marvel Frame variants

Marvel Anniversary Border Checklist

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about DC’s variant theme covers.  However, theme covers aren’t unique to DC, in fact, Marvel did it first.  In a different sort of way but they were the first to think of it.  Back in November 1986, Marvel released 29 covers with the same superhero border […]

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